A satellite docking station is a sophisticated accessory that provides extended functionality and features for a handheld satellite phone. When placing the sat phone into a docking station, you can access hands-free PBX features while connected to a satellite communications service. This is ideal for a portable or fixed office set up in remote locations. 

Fixed and Portable Solutions

A satellite phone docking station can be used indoors or as a hands-free mobile phone car kit for stable and strong satellite signal for your telecommunication requirements and it keeps the sat phone’s battery charged. You can remove the handset to keep talking while on the move.

Thuraya XT and Thuraya XT Pro

Multi-functional Thuraya units compatible with the XT and XT Pro handsets offer a wide-range of features for remote use to obtain high-quality voice transmissions, GmPRS services, circuit switched data services, and supported fax functions.

Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit

Manufactured specifically for the Thuraya XT and XT PRO sat phones, the FDUXT and FDUXT PLUS are multi-functional with GmPRS and Fax services and offer high-quality voice transmissions. Perfect for as an office docking adaptor, these docking stations are compatible with satellite phones. The satellite and GPS antenna allows you use of the sat phone indoors while maintaining seamless satellite connectivity.

SAT-VDA Hands-Free Car Kit

The SAT-VDA significantly improves reliability of the satellite service for in-vehicle use. The hands-free features let you drive in comfort and safety while using your Thuraya XT or XT Pro phone. The Digital Signal Processing box provides voice quality and offers built-in capabilities such as automatic GSM roaming, GPS, text messaging, 9600 bps data, voicemail, and call holding/forwarding.

SAT-Office Fixed Docking Unit

Designed for use with the Thuraya XT, the SAT-Office Thuraya unit lets you use your handset indoors and provides RJ-11 support to make satellite calls with regular phones or integrate with a PBX. Compact and stylish, this unit is easy to install with enhanced fax and data capabilities.

SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adaptor

Compatible with the Thuraya XT, the vehicle adaptor ensures an uninterrupted satellite service while using your phone in the car. It also comes with features that include phone services for voice calling, text, data, fax, GmPRS, and GPS.

Thuraya SO-2510 and Thuraya SG-2520

Docking stations for the Thuraya SO-2510 and SG-2520 offer flexibility for use on fixed remote sites or for portability in a vehicle or vessel. They are simple to use with added value capabilities.

Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit (FDU-3500)

The FDU Thuraya unit can be desktop or wall mounted and offers all the standard satellite-based services such as voice, fax, and data. It facilitates recharging of the satellite phone when docked, while allowing continued voice applications with the auxiliary handset. It supports high quality transmission, a speakerphone, and a regular telephone extension.

Hands-Free Car Kits

The SAT-VDA and SAT-DOCKER vehicle docking adaptor for Thuraya’s SO-2510 and SG-2520 handsets offer integrated RS-232 for data, internet, and file transfer applications. It supports Audio adaptation and amplification for the handset and a standard telephony extension SLIC/POTS.

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