Thuraya offers a range of Postpaid and Prepaid plans for use with Thuraya Land IP terminals.  Depending on your requirements, we have pricing packages for all kinds of usage at affordable prices. Postpaid users can enjoy substantial savings on streaming costs with asymmetric streaming which allows you to choose your uplink and downlink bandwidth and pay for what you actually use. Thuraya offers the flexibility to move from one Land IP price package to another, depending on your communication needs.

Available price plans:

        Postpay On-demand
        - Suitable for light-to-medium usage requirements as well as emergency or event-based situations
        - Maximum Standard IP bandwidth of 444Kbps

        Postpay Unlimited
        - Suitable for heavy usage requirements
        - Allows you to use a Standard IP service on an unlimited basis (T&Cs apply)
        - Available at maximum Standard IP bandwidths of 144Kbps and 444Kbps

       Prepay Entry
       - Suitable for customers preferring a short-term commitment
       - Maximum Standard IP bandwidth of 444Kbps

       Prepay 30GB
       - Suitable for customers requiring a high volume of IP data on a prepaid basis
       - SIM is preloaded with 30GB data allowance and can be topped up based on requirements
       - Maximum Standard IP bandwidth of 444Kbps

Thuraya IP Flexi Plans

Thuraya IP Flexi Plans feature cost-effective rates for select countries in Africa and Europe. Click here to view a list of eligible countries for the Thuraya IP Flexi Plans.

These price plans are designed specifically for those working in remote areas where terrestrial IP communications are scarce and for those who require high volumes of Standard IP data.

These price plans support IP connectivity for both portable and fixed installations with no fixed location restriction, no restriction on the type of application, high data transfer rates (maximum 444Kbps on Standard IP and 384Kbps on Streaming IP), and flexibility for customers needing to move to other Thuraya IP price plans when requirements change.

Thuraya IP Unlimited Asia Plans
Thuraya IP Unlimited Asia Plans provide customers with unlimited access to Standard IP services from Asia at cost-effective, fixed monthly fees (T&Cs apply). Click here to view a list of eligible countries for the Thuraya IP Unlimited Asia Plans.

Thuraya IP Coverage Map

Thuraya Coverage Map

Thuraya's robust satellite network provides coverage in the most remote locations, ensuring congestion-free satellite communications to keep you connected at all times. From innovative satellite design to the reliability of each Thuraya device and accessory, we provide a truly superior satellite communication solution beyond the boundaries of terrestrial systems and cellular networks.

The Thuraya network does not cover north or south America.

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