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Inmarsat Satellite Phone Rental FAQs
What are the coverage areas?
The Inmarsat Isatphone Pro works virtually everywhere in the world, with the exception of extreme polar regions including northern Alaska and extreme northern Canada.
Prior to embarking on a trip, ensure you have familiarized yourself with the User's Guide and by placing a test call.
Step 1 - Acquiring GPS for the first time
Take the iSatphone Pro outside into a clear area with an unobstructed view of the southern skies (from North America). Any obstructions between your phone and the satellite will limit your ability to initiate or maintain calls. Power on your phone by pressing the red power button and rotate the antenna upward.
Before making a call, your phone must acquire a GPS fix, which the phone will perform automatically. It may take several minutes to acquire the initial GPS fix.
Step 2 - Free Test Call
Once you have obtained a GPS fix, you can dial +8707 7699 9999 and press the green send button. There is no charge for this call.
Step 3 - Making a Call
Hold down the 'Zero' key until a '+' appears, the dial the country code (1 is the country code for North America). Then dial the local number, including area code and press the green send button.
To call another iSatphone Pro, dial '+', followed by the iSatphone number (ex. +8707 1234 5678)
To call the iSatphone Pro from a landline, dial the international access code (for North America it is 011) and then the iSatphone Pro phone number starting with 870. The iSatphone Pro must be powered on and registered with the satellite network to receive a call.
- Test your phone as soon as possible, and before each trip requiring satellite phone service.
- Satellite phones DO NOT work indoors. The iSatphone Pro will also not work while onboard an aircraft.
- You must remain outdoors with an unobstructed view of the sky for the duration of the call.
Check Balance
From the main screen enter *106# and press the green key.
Your current balance and expiry date will be shown on the screen (free of charge).

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