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Technology has enabled us to take satellite TV and the internet with us wherever we go. You will need a satellite TV subscription and the satellite equipment such as the Winegard satellite dish that is highly portable. There are different options available for satellite TV, which can be vehicle or vessel mounted, or deployed on the ground as a portable antenna.

RV Mobile Dishes

King Dome and Winegard satellite antennas offer different pricing, capabilities, and installation between mounted and portable systems. If you are going on long, extended trips or live in an RV, it is recommended to go for a roof mounted antenna that can be permanently fixed to the roof of the vehicle and used while in-motion. But if you need satellite access for short or seasonal trips, a portable antenna deployed outside when stationary is the more affordable option.


Winegard and King Dome terminals offer quality satellite TV while the move and various options depend on your preferred satellite provider. Roof mounted antennas are offered as a traditional sat dish like the Winegard Trav’ler for Shaw Direct that has an auto-deploy and stow feature for RVs or trucks. The compact terminals protected with a dome-shape cover can be used while in-motion and automatically acquires the satellite signal irrespective of location.

Portable TV Dishes

Camping combos for Bell, Telus and Shaw Direct satellite dishes are traditional parabolic antennas that are stored inside until needed. Once stationary, you can set up the dish on a tripod and configure it for satellite signal acquisition. These are affordable for vacations where you want to access satellite TV.


The Winegard Carryout G3 portable dish provides high-speed TV viewing whenever you stop for a break or at your destination. The dome protected antenna is deployed outside on a tripod and can be setup for multiple TV viewing as it allows switching between DirecTV, DISH, and the Bell TV networks.

King Quest

The King Quest Carry Out is a compatible DirectTV and Bell TV dish that is lightweight, compact and highly portable. It offers automatic satellite acquisition and is setup on a stable tripod with an unobstructed view to 24/7 satellite TV viewing.

Marine Antennas

Access satellite TV to enjoy your favorite shows and movies while traveling on the road or holidaying on a yacht. The high-end systems are suitable for larger boats to keep crew and passengers entertained.

Intellian TV Systems

The antennas offered by Intellian range from entry level to high end systems that are stylish and compact. They are compatible with the top satellite TV service providers and come with built-in GPS to enable faster signal acquisition. It also has a built-in HD module for Ku-band HD TV reception, so you never have to compromise on reception or quality.

KVH TracVision

The KVH TracVision TV-series offers superior products to enjoy digital HD and SD TV and movie channels through regional Ku-band satellite services. The range of fully stabilized systems includes sizes, features, and options for internet and voice services through sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology.

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