Unidata NEON HIRES Image & Video 5MP System (2502D)

The Hughes 9502 IP satellite terminal provides reliable connectivity over the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) for IP SCADA and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The Hughes terminal delivers affordable, global, end-to-end IP data connectivity enabling applications in industry sectors such as environmental monitoring, SmartGrid, pipeline monitoring, compressor monitoring, well site automation, video surveillance, and out-of-band management to primary site communications.
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Unidata NEON HIRES Image & Video 5MP System (2502D)

The images and video snapshots can be displayed on any web browser on the Internet, as well as being sent routinely by FTP to a further system for display and archive purposes.

The system uses the Inmarsat M2M service as the bandwidth requirements are high. It supports video, with the ability to capture an immediate or scheduled high resolution image and an immediate video capture for a defined period, from 1 to 5 minutes, and to set up a suitable frame rate and resolution. For most applications a slower frame rate of 5 frames per second, similar to security camera frame rates will provide a reasonable video performance reducing the bandwidth requirements.

The Neon Applications Software maintains the hi res and video files in the same SQL database and these can be viewed on the web interface and or reported out of the neon system in the same way data logging files are reported out. For example by ftp, email and web services or by direct SQL database access.

The screen shots show how the Unidata Neon High Resolution Satellite Telemetry Cameras are added to Neon via the Cameras tab on the Loggers tab, and how the resolution and frame rate and encoding can be selected via the web interface at a central location, while the equipment is located at the very remote location.

Multiple camera buttons may be added so that different resolution images and videos may be captured from the same camera without the need to reconfigure the camera. Simply press the appropriate capture button to take a photograph or video at the required resolution or frame rate.

Photographs and captured videos may be viewed on the photographs tab. An historical list of photographs is presented. Photographs and videos may be previewed on screen or downloaded for viewing at full resolution.

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