OCENS WeatherNet 4

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OCENS WeatherNet 4

Version 4 continues the interface upgrades completed in version 3 and makes substantial enhancements to the server and supporting database structure. Key client-side additions to version 4 include a satellite phone connection wizard and satellite dialers that can connect directly to almost any type of satellite phone, compatibility with Windows 8, incremental updating procedures that keep your onboard weather database current, an update and refresh of all the content buttons within all the Basic mode personalities, and the capacity to choose text products (coastal, offshore, high seas) with either a point-and-click approach from a map or by simply using your location to search for reports nearby to you. We also introduce with Version 4 our SpotCast point forecasts for general weather conditions and wind/wave conditions at any location around the world.

Version 4's most significant changes, however, occur on the back end. New servers improve processing and delivery speeds. All of the weather content databases have been reviewed and updated. The latest GRIB models have been incorporated into our weather libraries and new GRIB content such as chlorophyll and the CAPE index have been added. Mapping overlays (used in conjunction with OCENS MetMapper software) for weather charts, ocean charts, and satellite images have been reviewed. All in all Version 4 represents the culmination of several years of upgrading of the WeatherNet client and server capabilities. We hope you enjoy it!

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